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We all want to Travel Like Rockstars, don’t we? Stretching out in First or Business class, receiving upgrades at luxury hotels, or entry to club lounges for complimentary cocktails?

Table of Contents hide We all want to Travel Like Rockstars, don’t we? Stretching out in First or Business class, receiving upgrades at luxury hotels, or entry to club lounges for complimentary cocktails? Let me introduce you to Shaun Clark. He Travels Like a Rockstar and he’s here to share how we can too! Travel Cheaper, Easier, & Blingier! You can do it too! So Who Am I? My pet hate? Here’s how I can help. Why Travel Like a Rockstar tips will work for you. The reason I’m so confident? Here’s a little secret. In summary:

Let me introduce you to Shaun Clark. He Travels Like a Rockstar and he’s here to share how we can too!

Etihad A380 Apartment – Free flight!

Travel Cheaper, Easier, & Blingier!

If you’re a keen traveller, I’ll bet you’ve often thought about how you could travel better. Perhaps you’d love to learn how to:

→  Get the lowest hotel rates.

→  Snag flight upgrades.

→  Know the secrets for cashing in frequent flyer miles/ points.

→  Pack like a ninja to beat cabin bag restrictions.

→  Fly for free in First & Business Class.

→  Gain Elite Benefits in hotels – lounge access, late checkout, room upgrades.

After all, we all want to travel better,­ cheaper, easier or blingier, right?

Etihad A380 Apartment – Free Flight!

You can do it too!

Well, the good news is,­ you can do it too. Whatever your travel goals are, I can help you  – guaranteed! Give me your travel problems, and I’ll give you solutions. Outline your goals, and I’ll help you reach them. I can show you all I’ve learned about travel hacking, so you can enjoy the benefits.

Waldorf Astoria Palm Jumeirah – 20K AED upgrade

So Who Am I?

I’m Shaun, and I’m the Founder and Editor of Eat Drink Stay Dubai. I knew Dubai/ UAE residents and visitors could travel better, so I set up a blog to help them ­ and they seem to like it.

On the blog (among many other things) I show:­

→  How I flew in the Etihad First Class Apartment for Free!

→  How I acquired Elite Status in hotels without any stays!

→  How I bag free hotel nights!

→  What gear I use to make travelling easier!

→  Which travel tips actually work!

→  How to find error fares or insider deals for airlines and hotels!

All this (and more) falls under the term ‘travel hacking’ and I want to share it with you to inspire you to travel better.

Emirates A380 Business Class – free upgrade!

My pet hate?

There’s nothing worse than hearing from friends, “I wish I could travel in style like you do”. Do you know why? It’s because they can, but one of three things is stopping them.

→  They don’t know how.

→  They think they don’t have time.

→  They want it done for them. 😉

Intercontinental Kiev 4 free nights worth 350 Euros each!

Here’s how I can help.

I can, and do,­ help people with point (3) when I consult with clients to review their travel goals and plan with them.

By creating the blog, I’ve helped with points (1) and (2), yet a blog isn’t always the best medium for information to help people learn. Everyone has their own preferred learning style,­ reading, listening or watching.

The truth is ­ people want information easier, faster and NOW.

So I’m launching a new venture,­ an online course called Travel Like a Rockstar tips.

Etihad Business Class – free flight!

Why Travel Like a Rockstar tips will work for you.

I’ve developed a wide­-ranging syllabus of the best travel hacking topics. I’ve produced a true multimedia experience covering all learning styles. Screencasts, explainer videos, e-books, resources, and best of all, step-­by­-step walk-throughs.

→  Want to know exactly how I flew first class for free?

→  How I always get the best deals, even at the last minute?

→  How I was upgraded (without request) to a 20,000+ AED hotel suite?

→  How I get the lowest possible online hotel price, even after I’ve booked? This alone saves up to 67%.

→  How I identify the ‘sweet spots’ in hotel or airline loyalty programs?

Well now you can, with my step-­by-­step walk-through ‘playbook’. No more mystery, no more fluff, no more BS. Straightforward gold­-tipped advice that works.

Westin Dubai – free suite upgrade!

The reason I’m so confident?

I know my advice works. Check my Instagram feed if you need any ‘social proof’. Hotel suites, airline apartment, chauffeur transfers ­ it’s all there.

That said, there’s more. I am so confident that my course will help anybody travel better, I offer a money back guarantee.

But, I don’t think you’ll ask for your money back because you’re going to love my course. Trust me.

Whatever you spend to join the course, you will receive oodles of value back and you’ll thank me when you get that first $500 a night hotel suite for free!

Air Berlin Business Class – free flight!

Here’s a little secret.

So far, it may sound like I’m humble-­bragging, but understand that I needed your attention. I also need your help, and to encourage that, I’m going to make you a Don Corleone offer. You know, one that’s too good to refuse.

Although I’m launching my course in mid ­September, I’m offering some special benefits. For readers of this blog, I’ve launched a special Pre­Sales page because I’m a big fan of

So the secret I want to let you in on is this; if you join my course now, you’re going to get the best deal

→  More than 50% off the launch price!

→  Insider access to a closed Facebook group for all the latest travel hacking news!

→  First access to sneak previews of pre-launch content as it’s published!

→  A chance to shape the course by asking specific travel questions you’d like solved!

→  Member exclusive updates and free content after the launch and much much more!

The full course is launching in Mid September, but by being a Pre­Sales Member you will be ahead of the curve. As a Work-­in-­Progress, you will see the content develop and be ‘dripped’ to you pre­-launch.

I’ve set up a Pre­Sales page with a starter topic syllabus, which will expand over the coming weeks.

Be aware though, the Pre­Sales signup is for a limited time, so hurry if you’d like to join.

Le Royal Meridien Dubai – free Club Lounge access!

In summary:

I know I can help you travel better; I’ve already helped many others. There’s no need to wish you could do what I do, ­ if you sign up that is!

Ask yourself ­ as you’re anxiously trying to make those Skywards miles count for something, is there a better way?

Here’s cheers to everyone Travelling Like Rockstars!

Shaun 🙂

Thanks, Shaun!

Have you guys checked out the Pre­Sales Page yet? What do you have to lose? 

Travelling like Rockstars: it’s a thing we love….

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