The Low Carb Phenomenon!

September 3, 2015|In #middle_east-eat, Dubai, Middle East, Middle East Reviews, United Arab Emirates|By paraphernalia.coShare This

If you’re not already on it paraphernalians, you’ve either heard of it or you’re considering it. LCHF, Paleo, Banting, each has individual quirks, but they all have one thing in common – low carbs! Whether you do it on your own, have a medical practitioner’s support or join an online group, this lifestyle is not going away. I’m on it, how many of you are?Some may call it a diet, but for many of us it has become a way of life. Dubai’s very own FooDiva began her journey a few weeks ago. FooDiva’s expertise is in the Dubai dining scene bringing us impartial restaurant reviews, chef interviews, foodie events, gourmet food store openings and more. In weeks to come, she will post on the many Dubai venues already catering to the low carb lifestyle. In the meantime, she is opening up about her own low carb journey. Join me here to follow her progress.For those of us in the Business Bay area, the Taj Hotel at Executive Towers is conscious of our low carb needs. Tesoro Restaurant on the hotel’s 3rd floor offers Ceviché, raw seafood cured in citrus juice spiced with chili, in many guises often accompanied by sweet potato, avocado, chopped onions and coriander (cilantro). A range of grilled proteins are easily teamed with low carb sides; creamed spinach, sweet potato and Tesoro’s version of tabouleh, where cracked wheat is replaced by quinoa. Quinoa has been a staple in South America for thousands of years. It is not a grain but a seed from the goosefoot plant. High in protein and essential amino acids it is a great way to feel like you are having a ‘grain fix’ without the carbs. Tesoro presents an excellent Friday Brunch from 12 pm. Most of the menu’s low carb options feature with the added indulgence of refined sugar-free cocktails and Prosecco.Downstairs at The Eloquent Elephant Gastropub, the main menu is full of low carb choices. Feel like a nibble with drinks? Try some aged parmesan with olives. In the starters; Heirloom tomatoes, burrata and salsa verdé or seared Dublin Bay scallops with green pea, cauliflower and chorizo. Mains include grilled prawns with avocado salsa and rocket saladMiso Cod with wilted bok choy or slow-cooked beef cheeks and sweet potato purée. Don’t get me wrong, we’re still in a pub here so burgers, fish and chips, parmies and mash still play an important role. I’m just pleased I can order a protein, skip the high carb side and add mushrooms, wilted spinach, sugar snaps, charred asparagus or a green salad and I’m done! Stay tuned for a more comprehensive round-up of low carb venues in Dubai from FooDiva but if you live near these give them a try. Now all we need is a low carb meal option on flights and we’ll be set! Multiple low carb menus in walking distance: it’s a thing we love….

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