Queensland: The Gorgeous Village of Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland!

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A stay in Noosa is all about beautiful beaches, and rightly so, but less than an hour away a different world awaits. The Sunshine Coast hinterland and one place, in particular; Montville on the Blackall Range. Let’s take a look.

Table of Contents hide A stay in Noosa is all about beautiful beaches, and rightly so, but less than an hour away a different world awaits. The Sunshine Coast hinterland and one place, in particular; Montville on the Blackall Range. Let’s take a look. Mayfield Patisserie & chocolates The Edge Illume Creations Wild Rocket @ Misty’s Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours (SCCBT) Venus Calling Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

The view from Montville’s Mayfield Complex across the Blackall Range to the Pacific Ocean.

With a population of around 800, Montville began as a mountain resort for both the surrounding land owners and Brisbane’s holiday makers.

Eleanor Dark’s 1959 novel “Lantana Lane” is set in Montville. A witty tale of eccentric characters and their contribution to small community life.

Montville’s heritage listed main street is reminiscent of “Lantana Lane” with its turn of the century architecture. Great for a stroll while popping into some fabulous places to #eat #drink #explore & #shop.

Main Street Montville. “Lantana Lane”

Mayfield Patisserie & chocolates

Chocolates with a view! Not just any old chocolates either. When an Aussie chocolatier wins gold in Belgium, you know they have to be good. Using superior quality chocolate, you can rest assured there are no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and no animal or vegetable fats either.

Pure unadulterated chocolate! Well, aside from natural flavours and the odd shot of booze. Brandy and port from South Australia, good ol’ Queensland rum, Tassie honey, local lavender, wattle seed, pineapple and macadamias.

Don’t take our word for it, try them in singles or by the box and if you can’t be there in person, order them online.

Even Xmas Pudding flavoured chocolates. Great gift idea from Mayfield Chocolates.

The Edge

Sampling delicious Mayfield chocolates may distract you from the view so step into The Edge. Breakfast begins at 08:30 with “The Full View” – bacon, eggs, mushrooms, chorizo, tomatoes and sourdough. Or try a lighter option of simple summer fruits and poppy seed toast.

Lunch at The Edge has a couple of down-under tasting opportunities. Salt & pepper Crocodile. The delicate croc meat is complimented by the seasoning without being overpowered. Crispy skin Barramundi can handle a little more oomph. Here it’s served with caramelised fennel, citrus marinated heirloom tomatoes, smoky chorizo, sunflower kernels and sweet potato shoestrings. Sounds delicious, right?

Suggested accompanying wines are spot on with the Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris excellent drops even if they are from our Kiwi cousins. 😉

Dining @ The Edge with spectacular views.

Illume Creations

It’s all about colour at Illume Creations. Owner Shiralee Cooper creates colourful aromatic essences based on her parents’ two-toned colour consultation system, “Aura Light”. Colours related to chakras are selected by the left hand being in tune with the right brain. Natural oils, flower essences and vegetable dyes make up the all natural essences.

Shiralee’s sister, international artist Tina Cooper, takes the colour theme to her glass with the same principle. Colour has a unique effect on mood and emotions and this, she puts in her beautiful pieces.

Rounding out the family affair, brother Richard works with colour in his photography, also on sale in-store.

Other Sunshine Coast artists have a presence with hand-painted silk scarves, pendants, earrings, beads and more.

A selection of Tina Cooper’s glass art @ Illume Creations.

Wild Rocket @ Misty’s

Home-made is the order of the day at Wild Rocket. Sausages, burgers, meatballs, bread, paté, stock, sauces, jams and chutney, all made from locally produced fresh ingredients.

Residing in the old town’s “Fancy Goods & Lolly Shop”, the premises have been lovingly maintained. Staff are said to be the friendliest in town, their sixth sense recognising exactly what you’re hungry for.

Smoked Feta & Dried Tomato Arancini on Caponata & Rocket @ Wild Rocket. Just what we felt like!

As if things couldn’t get better, Misty’s is a microbrewery! Montville Smooth Ale, Pilsner on the Edge, Alfie’s Pale Ale and Black Jack Stout are the regulars with guest appearances from smaller batches.

Home-grown hops add to their Black Jack Stout and a new drop, Wild Rocket Harvest Garden Ale. You can taste them all at Misty’s in a flight or by the pot or schooner on a leisurely afternoon in the garden.

Home-grown hops for the Black Jack Stout.

Sunshine Coast Craft Beer Tours (SCCBT)

While we’re talking beer, it’s worth mentioning the Hinterland Brewery tours with SCCBT. Jump on a prearranged tour or plan a bespoke tour with a minimum of 4 people. Their guidance is recommended and their buses necessary. Price includes a tour of facilities, lunch and samples. Put Misty’s in as one of your stops.

Misty’s Microbrewery can be tailored into your tour.

Venus Calling

Travelling the world and working in retail for over 20 years, Venus Calling has settled in Montville with a jewellery, gift and homewares store.

Bronze, wood, silver and crystal fill the store so take your time, there’s a lot to see. Renée is there to help, use her knowledge when you find something of interest, she’s a mine of info.

When you arrive home and kick yourself for not claiming that special piece, Venus Calling will deliver free for purchases over $60. (check with them for international delivery rates)

Some of the stunning pieces on sale @ Venus Calling. (pic courtesy of Venus Calling)

Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk

To see what the Blackall Range is like from within, prepare for a couple of hours, half-day or the full monty 58km walk. Check the website for the topographical map and Montville’s entrance point at Baroon Pocket.

If you’re a planner, campsites can be pre-booked on the website a year in advance.

Bird-watchers, keep an eye out for over 100 species. 30 species should satisfy Frogophiles and with 70 reptile species, be careful where you tread. Gorges, waterfalls, rock pools, scenic views, warm sub-tropical rainforests and tall open eucalypt forests are the reward.

Young shoots curl open in the rainforest on the Sunshine Coast Great Walk

There’s a lot more to Montville so we’ll be back with a dedicated post to Flame Hill Vineyard & Restaurant, the rest we’ll leave for you to uncover.

A big thank you to Lori & Joe! Without them sharing Montville with me, I couldn’t share Montville with you. “Lantana Lane”: it’s a place we love….

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