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Gardens by the Bay, as the slogan states, is “a world of wonders”. Comprising 3 major gardens; South, East and Central, with lakes, Supertrees and conservatories, it has been developed on reclaimed land in Central Singapore. Gardens by the Bay is, admirably, completely off the grid and self-sustained. Engaging, educational and aesthetically stunning, this is an attraction to be seen to be fully appreciated.

From the Helix Bridge at Marina Bay, Gardens by the Bay is reached by walking toward the ArtScience Museum and following the waterfront footpath. Alternatively, from the boardwalk, cut through Marina Bay Sands Mall, take the escalator up to Lion’s Bridge to connect with Dragonfly Bridge. If arriving via MRT, exit Bayfront station from both the Circle (orange) and Downtown (blue) lines and cross at Dragonfly Bridge. The ticket office for the conservatories is a short walk and well sign posted.

During the day, Supertrees absorb light through solar panels converting it to electricity. In the evening, they come to life in a self-powered light and sound show. Thanks to pettypoh, we are able to watch one of these performances below.

Used as rain catchers, air intake and exhaust systems for cooling the conservatories, the Supertrees range between 25 and 50 metres in height and have a “living skin” of ferns, vines and orchids. Two trees are connected by the OCBC Skyway, 22 metres high and 128 metres long, and on the tallest at 50 metres, Indochine offers an alfresco rooftop bar, air-conditioned restaurant and a bird’s eye view of the gardens.

The Supertrees: From Dragonfly Bridge and under OCBC Skywalk

In the Flower Dome, the temperature is maintained between 23 and 25 celsius. Entering the Guinness Book of Records in 2015 as the World’s Largest Columnless Greenhouse, the Flower Dome takes up 1.2 hectares or 3 acres. Comprising 7 gardens representing the mid-dry climate of the Mediterranean and the semi-arid tropical regions of Australia, South America and South Africa, we are transported by the sights and smells of the plant-life. With views of the Marina Bay waterfront, Pollen, a double level restaurant nestled in an olive grove in the Flower Dome, offers a British Menu with Asian influences.

Flower Dome: Boabs; Sturt Peas; the strangest tree we’ve seen

Cloud Forest, the taller of the 2 conservatories, maintains a climate representing the cool moist tropical mountain regions of South East Asia, Middle and South Americas. The central “mountain” is densely planted with orchids, ferns, moss, bromeliads and anthuriums and houses a 30-metre cascading waterfall. Begin at the top, literally in the clouds, and follow the walkways on each level where spectacular views are the backdrop for lush flora surrounds.

Cloud Forest: Waterfall; Orchids; Maiden Hair Fern; Mountain

A powerful 7-minute presentation using scientific climate change data shows what experts believe will be the rate of global warming and the consequences through the 21st century. Below is a video of the presentation, not professionally recorded, but certainly appreciated in order for us to share. Thanks to Circle of Life Rediscovery for adding subtitles so the background noise can be muted. Check it out below and feel free to comment.

Volunteering is encouraged at Gardens by the Bay enabling hands-on involvement. Continuous weeding, pruning and planting take place along with surveys of birds, dragonflies and butterflies.

Dining options are many and varied, from the 2 restaurants previously mentioned to the Golden Arches. Pack a picnic and enjoy it by the lake or in a secluded part of the gardens.

The Singapore Government is to be applauded for the development and commitment to Gardens by the Bay. From the video below, learn the processes followed for the gardens to maintain self-sustainability. Discover a World of Wonders at Gardens by the Bay: it’s a place we love….

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