Phuket: Let’s Thai one on!

Phuket: Let’s Thai one on! October 6, 2016|In Asia, Asia Guide, Phuket, Thailand|By paraphernalia.coShare This Imagine chilling on a banana lounge, sipping umbrella drinks and soaking up Andaman Sea views. Now add morning beach walks, smiling street food vendors and only knowing the time by the 4pm downpour. Table of Contents hide Imagine chilling on […]

Vietnam: Grazing Ho Chi Minh City!

Vietnam: Grazing Ho Chi Minh City! March 30, 2016|In #asia-eat, Asia, Asia Guide, Asia Reviews, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam|By paraphernalia.coShare This Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, is an instant awakening of the senses. Sights, sounds and smells immediately have your attention. Taste is our goal though and District 1 is a great place to […]

Tras Street Singapore

Tras Street Singapore January 18, 2016|In #asia-drink, #asia-eat, Asia, Asia Guide, Asia Reviews, Singapore-country, Singapore-region|By paraphernalia.coShare This Options in Singapore for scrumptious dining are many and varied so if you can tear yourself away from the magnificent marina area for an evening-with-a-difference, then make your way to Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar. Originally the go-to street for […]

Aamann’s, Blond & Botanic Gardens

Aamann’s, Blond & Botanic Gardens December 16, 2015|In #europe-eat, #oceania-eat, Australia, Denmark, Europe, Europe Reviews, Oceania, Oceania-Reviews|By paraphernalia.coShare This Aamann’s Establishment was recommended to us for lunch by Danish Chef, Jesper Hansen. Copenhagen born and raised, now a resident of Sydney, Jesper’s Blond Catering has brought Denmark’s national dish, Smørrebrød, to Australia. Awarded Australia’s 2015 National […]

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