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August 17, 2015|In Asia, Bangkok, Thailand|By paraphernalia.coShare This

Introducing Anuchit Klinkulab; artist, cyclist and fellow paraphernalian. You may have seen pics of his art on our Facebook and Instagram feeds or had a chance encounter at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market. We stumbled upon his “gallery” a couple of years ago in Section 7 of the market (Enter via Gate 2, you can’t miss it). As a result, our friends returned to Australia with one of his pieces. No mean feat when the work measured 1.6m x 3.5m. An all white oil painting from his “Famous Faces” series.Graduating with a Masters Degree from Bangkok’s Silpakorn University of Fine Arts, Anuchit has focused his work on 3D and distance. His “white” series pulling you forward to capture detail and his “black and white”, forcing you back to obtain clarity. His rare use of colour is a surprising flash in the collection of monochrome. Generally the famous faces are artists, musicians and politicians, but he’s also been commissioned to use the same process to produce family portraits.His art is attracting a global following with pieces shipped to Australia, Singapore, USA and most recently Germany. Take a look as he reveals Marilyn Monroe in this quick video from his youtube channel.

Recently he’s been adding colour, experimenting with sepia tones, pastels and brights. As with all great artwork, conversations ignite. We’ve spent a good deal of time over a few beers playing “Who do you know? in the paintings below. Who do you recognise? Let us know in the comments.Always evolving, his talent for ‘pop’ art is evident in the cocktail paintings below. Bold and bright, a significant contrast to his earlier work. 

Watch him create “Whiskey on the Rocks”. By now you would have noticed his self-portraits laying around. There’s one in both videos and above, in the black and whites. For further details or information on commissions, his email address ends the videos.

Eak, as he is known to his friends, is an unassuming and gentle soul with a big heart. When he’s not painting he’s absorbed in his other passion; cycling. Yesterday he rode the centre pic in “Bike for Mom”, a 43km ride led by the Crown Prince in honour of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit’s 83rd birthday. No doubt he’ll be back to his art today, though.A chance meeting in a market became a friendship: that’s a thing we love….

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