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Located in the heart of Adelaide at Victoria Square, the tram drops you at the front door of Adelaide Central Market.

Table of Contents hide Located in the heart of Adelaide at Victoria Square, the tram drops you at the front door of Adelaide Central Market. #eat #shop

Enter Victoria Arcade next to the Hilton Hotel and follow it into the belly of the market. Your food, booze, floral and grocery needs will be met, but first, we need breakfast!


Lucia’s is my go-to breakfast place at Adelaide Central Market. Upon arrival, you’ll think it’s everyone else’s too. Grab that table as soon as you see someone leave; it’s every person for themselves in this café jungle.

The menu caters to the health conscious and the hung over. The coffee, delivered in a flash, packs a punch.

I’m a sucker for the cheese omelette, a side of spinach, mushrooms, avocado and of course, bacon! Adelaide has the best bacon IMHO.

If you really can’t wait for Lucia’s, then try Zuma’s, a good alternative but I’m loyal, Lucia’s and I go back a long way.

This trip, I was on a mission. I discovered ‘Phil’s Bacon Jam‘ on Instagram. Phil Whitmarsh, a chef and previous resident of Adelaide, is the creator of this jar of joy. A spiced, smoky, sweet concoction to spread on barbecued steak, mix with yolks for deviled eggs or eat it straight from the jar! Phil told me where to find it and Feast @ The Market was in stock. Mission accomplished and we all loved it! All manner of speciality stores can be found in the market. Wander the aisles and enjoy!


The other market in the city I want to tell you about is held at the Gilles Street Primary School every second Sunday. Consider walking or taking public transport; parking is scarce. Vintage clothing stalls offering bargains aplenty surround innovative product from emerging designers. The DJ plays a cool mix of tunes, enjoy while taking a break from retail therapy and indulging in healthy, and perhaps, not so healthy treats. Gilles Street Market may not be the size of Paddington and Bondi Markets in Sydney, but give them time.

Visiting family, friends and markets in Adelaide: it’s a thing we love….

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