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Aamann’s Establishment was recommended to us for lunch by Danish Chef, Jesper Hansen. Copenhagen born and raised, now a resident of Sydney, Jesper’s Blond Catering has brought Denmark’s national dish, Smørrebrød, to Australia. Awarded Australia’s 2015 National Caterer of the Year, who better to recommend a smørrebrød tasting lunch in Copenhagen?

Jesper Hansen. Executive Chef and Director of Blond Catering; Blond Smorrebrod; Winner of 2015 National Caterer of the Year

Adam Aamann opened his deli & takeaway in 2006 and received the Danish Gastronomic Academy’s award for his smørrebrød in 2007. By 2009, he had opened Aamann’s Establishment next door allowing diners to leisurely partake in more than just smørrebrød. With local pork, salmon, and marinated cod on the menu, we were totally enamoured by the smørrebrød choices.

Aamann’s Deli Smorrebrod; Adam Aamann; Aamann’s Establishment Smorrebrod

So what is smørrebrød? It’s an open-faced sandwich, developed many moons ago for farmers to take last night’s leftovers out to the fields for lunch. Bread, initially used as a plate and thrown away, was eventually enjoyed having soaked up the leftover juices. Toppings have evolved and the smørrebrød phenomenon has taken off with gourmet flavour combinations and artistic presentation.

We selected “Aamann’s Lunch”. A set menu beginning with herring followed by daily smørrebrød options. Our waiter, Michelle, was kind enough to liaise with the kitchen on a few minor changes, and once approved, we were presented with our smørrebrød platter.

“Aamann’s Lunch” menu; Herring to start; Smorrebrod Platter

Elderflower pickled herring with crème fraiche, pearl onions, buckwheat and ash balanced tart, salty and floral flavours beautifully. Cured salmon, with pickled fennel, gem salad and dill opened the smørrebrød show on a classic note. Marinated cod married with pickled rainbow chard and the crunch from peanuts and potato chips followed. Braised pork shank with beets, apple, hazelnuts and nasturtium combined tender moist pork with crunch and a peppery finish. The tartar of the day was beef with lovage, sea lettuce and rye crumbs. Creamy chicken with mustard, honey, little gem salad, and celery leaves topped us off.

Cured Salmon; Marinated Cod; Braised Pork Shank

Organic rye bread, baked in-house, is served separately for self-assembly or for low carbers with the strength to resist the intoxicating fresh bread aroma. On this occasion, there was no such strength on my part.

Smorrebrod served with in-house baked organic rye bread

Aamann’s is located at  Øster Farimagsgade 12, a short walk from the Copenhagen University Botanic Gardens. A leisurely stroll through the gardens after lunch will have you at Torvehallerne in 10-15 minutes allowing for further culinary delights. Check out Torvehallerne on our recent post, “Delicious Copenhagen”.

Glass houses; Wide open spaces; Conservatory @ Copenhagen University Botanic Gardens

Jesper’s Blond Café is also a short walk to Botanic Gardens. In fact, the café is right at the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden Palace Gates on Macquarie street. A licenced European-style outdoor café serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks from 8 am until 5 pm daily. Trading hours are extended on Fridays until 8 pm for “Sunset Drinks”. A laid back location under shady trees with views of the Sydney Opera House sails and the added bonus of smørrebrød!

Blond Cafe @ Palace Gates of Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney,Macquarie Street

So Xmas has Jesper thinking of his Danish compatriots far from home in Sydney. With his generous nature, he is offering “A Taste of Home” for the first 10 Danish passport holders to relax at Blond Café before Xmas.

All you have to do, Danish paraphernalians, is buy a beer or wine, show your passport (or copy) and mention this post on paraphernalia.co to enjoy complimentary smørrebrød at Blond Café! We’d love you to share the smørrebrød flavours of the day in the comments below. We’ll definitely be jealous but go for it and enjoy!

A lunch pit-stop before a stroll through the gardens or sipping a quiet one to contemplate the day. “A Taste of Home”: it’s a thing we love….

*****”A Taste of Home” offer ends Xmas Eve)

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